Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well, here we go.

So.  Somehow I managed to start a blog.  Honestly, I’m not quite sure how it happened.  One minute, I was trying to comment on a friend’s post and the next, BAM!  I got me a blog.
I’ll admit, I’m not always the most technologically inclined, so I can’t say I’m really all that surprised.  But as my wise friend Bebe said, I started it;  I may as well use it!  And really, that’s not such a bad idea.  As of this coming Monday I’m going to find myself with a lot more free time.  A potential hobby couldn’t hurt.
I don’t foresee this having any sort of ongoing theme, probably more daily musings than anything else.  I’ve recently started with this whole “healthy” idea that’s all the rage nowadays, so that probably will come up a bit.  But it definitely won’t be a “health” blog, I value my cinnamon buns and mac and cheese far too much to give myself that label.  And besides, I have a feeling that you’ll be just a likely to find pictures of my dogs, a discussion on why I need a pot belly pig in my life, or commentary on the awesomeness of bubble wrap.   I can be kind of random with my thoughts in real life; I can’t imagine my writing to be any different. 
So, on that note, here we go!

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