Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photography Challenge Days #12-19

Blogging fail.  Sorry guys.

I was in NY for a wedding, and there were various complications.  Most notably, Tootsie hurt herself and I was a basket case.  Maybe I'll go into details in another post, but trust me- I was not a pretty sight.

Anyhoo, time to catch up.
#12 Sunset

#13 Yourself with 13 things

Ok, so theres 7, not 13.  And they're not "things" they're men.  Very attractive men.

Cut me some slack!  I went through every picture on my computer and couldn't find any pictures of myself with 13 things.  So I chose this group shot, and hoped you're be too preoccupied by the men of the 2011 NYC firemen's calender to care.  Did it work?

#14 Eyes

Remember this?  I'm happy to report that while they have not yet grown back, they on their way.  Also, I've discovered that eyeliner pencils can do wonders.

#15 Silhouette

Isn't this picture amazing?  This is from my good friends Ray and Ashleigh's wedding, and this was taken by Becca and Mike from Garrone Photography.  They're amazing and I hope I can have them shoot my wedding someday.

#16 Long exposure

No, I did not take this picture either.  I don't even have a camera capable of taking this picture.  This is courtesy of local radio host/amateur photographer Greg Kretschmar.  He's amazing and I wish he would sell his prints!

#17 Technology

My laptop.  It's pretty BA.

#18 Your shoes

Not the one's I'm wearing now (because I'm actually in fuzzy socks), but I wore these this past weekend!

#19 Something orange

Fall in the White Mountains is amazing.

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