Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So.  Remember a few post back, where I spoke about a good friends upcoming wedding?  And how I want/need to look really good?  Well.  Guess what I did this morning?

Notice that bald spot on my right eyelid?  I ripped out my freakin eyelashes!  I was curling them and my hand slipped on the grip.  Abracadabra- no more eyelashes!  I may have screamed.  I'm really happy the upstairs neighbor isn't home, because I'm sure he would assume I was being murdered.

Now I've had my freakout, and have been calmed by my wonderful friends who are so much wiser than I.  I'm going to take a trip to Ulta for a crash course in falsies.  And apparently a new pair of tweezers and magnifying mirror.  Because that picture is making me second guess my eyebrows too.

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