Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sugar Scrubs

Today's project was DIY sugar scrubs.  Just like my honey butter yesterday, it was really simple and yielded a great result.  I admittedly haven't tried it yet, but I did handle it a little bit while testing the consistency and my hands smell wonderful.

I got the basic ideas from here and here, and tweaked it for what I had.

All I used was sugar (granulated or brown depending on the batch), oil, and essential oils

For my first batch, I used 2 heaping cups of brown sugar, about 3/4 cup olive oil, and about 25 drops of peppermint.

I started by adding only 1/2 cup of the oil, and continued to add more until it reached a consistency that I liked.  In the end, it was best described as a crumbly paste.

The second batch was very similar, but I used honey almond oil.

The last batch was lavender vanilla, and I decided to go with regular, granulated sugar.

Each batch yielded two, 8oz jars.  I prettied them up with some pretty fabric, string, and jingle bells.

Voila!  Pretty Christmas gifts, just waiting to be given away.  The best part is that the lavender vanilla batch made some extra, so I get to paper myself a little as well.  I'll let you know how it is!

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