Thursday, November 10, 2011

What? A race?

Thats right! 

Watching George run the half marathon reminded me what I was missing.  I may have my moments where I hate running, but I love racing.  The crowd, the adrenaline, pushing myself to beat my previous times- its just such a great experience.

So I looked through my 5K training program, guessed where I was, and went for a run!  I'm happy to report that I haven't lost as much as I thought I did.  I think my problem was that I didn't have a set plan of action.  When  I run without a route/distance in mind I tend to quit once I get tired.  I can do so much better if I know I'm going to run X miles or take a specific path.

So now I'm on track to run the Santa Claus Shuffle on Dec 3!  Go ahead and laugh, but all the runners will be dressed as Santa.

With registration you get the suit, a long sleeve tech race T, a pint glass and two free beers at the local bars.  Not too bad for my first race back.

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